Wholesale Customers
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If you are a garden center, landscaper, nursery, greenhouse, or other retail business, Soil Essentials’ standard bagged and bulk products are available for wholesale purchase by contacting one of our distributors, or you can contact us directly for assistance to determine which distributor is right for you!

Bagged Retail Products   Bulk & Custom Products

Premium CompostSoil Essentials Premium Compost
Used by Certified Organic Growers

A 100% poultry and forest products compost that produces results like you have never seen!

View 2 min. Premium Compost Video Featuring Scenic Specialties


Planting MixSoil Essentials Premium Planting Mix

A ready-to-use mix of our compost and topsoil

View 2 min. Premium Planting Mix Video Featuring Rich-Spring Golf Course


Potting SoilSoil Essentials Premium Potting Soil
Used by Certified Organic Growers

An easy-to-use all purpose potting soil

View 2 min. Premium Potting Soil Video Featuring Danielson's Greenhouse

Composted ManureSoil Essentials 100% Composted Manure
Used by Certified Organic Growers

A high quality "age old" soil amendment

Rice HullsSoil Essentials Premium Aged Rice Hulls

A holiday pot media and garden amendment to loosen clay soils and improve water retention in sandy soils


Soil Essentials Custom Bulk Blends

Greenhouses and nurseries can get a proven bulk custom mix for their growing needs.

View 2 min. Custom Blend Video Featuring Quarry Creek Nursery


TonkaterraSoil Essentials Private Label Bags

Retailers can have their own blend in their own bag

2 min. Private Label Program Video Featuring Thomsens Greenhouse