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Product Descriptions
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Soil Essentials Premium Compost

Used by Certified Organic Growers
100% poultry and forest products compost that produces results like you have never seen!

Soil Essentials Premium Planting Mix

A ready-to-use mix of our compost and topsoil

Soil Essentials Premium Potting Soil

Used by Certified Organic Growers
An easy-to-use all purpose potting soil

Soil Essentials Premium 100% Composted Manure

Used by Certified Organic Growers
A high quality “age old” soil amendment

Soil Essentials Premium Aged Rice Hulls

A holiday pot media and garden amendment to loosen clay soils and improve water retention in sandy soils

Where Can I Get It?

Twin Cities Area

St. Cloud Area

Greater Minnesota & Other States

*Please note that inventories and availability change daily, and the list of retailers can change.  To be sure of product availability, please call ahead.*